At first, an idea occurred to us…

At the beginning of 2015, we started considering the idea of making dog toys and donating such sale proceeds to dog shelters. Finally, we undertook the activity in 2016, and that is what have been doing up to this day. We were making the products by hand by ourselves in our free time at home until it consumed all our free time. A need to employ somebody arose, associated with an idea of employing people who are somehow disadvantaged in seeking a job. That is how the idea of establishing the sheltered workshop came to us.

Establishing the Sheltered Workshop

Our sheltered workshop was established in 2016 for the purpose of making dog toys – hračkapropsa.cz. However, over the year, we expanded it with the production of soft furnishings for the needs of our own store – which we had already been running for 15 years – especially due to the growing absence of quality goods made of natural materials for a reasonable price in requested quality in the local and EU market.

Why fabrics?

The market badly flooded with the poor-quality Asian goods made of synthetic fibres as well as the absence of elegant and quality design of the individual products motivated us to embark on the making of our own products, which we had originally begun to produce for the needs of our store. The selection of fabrics and the associated creative production absorbed us again completely within a short time. We expanded the production with other products, which led up to the extension of the sheltered workshop with new employees. Subsequently, we were toying with the idea of offering the assortment to not only customers of our store but also wholesalers as well as retail end-customers.

We decided to conduct the business in the form of e-shop as this form of business had proved to be the most simple and efficient one for us within our previous business activity. Of course, our customers are welcome to visit also our physical store, where all our assortment is showcased. Sale and customer care are supported by our business representatives visiting our clients in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.